Tillicum Community School

Youth Recreation Leaders from Burnside Gorge provide lunch and afterschool programming for students at Tillicum Elementary. Programs are free of charge and span a variety of interests including, arts, sports, culture, and more!

If you have a child at Tillicum and would like to connect them to Community School programming, please contact the school directly – Tillicum Community School, 250-386-1408.


The Burnside Outdoor Adventure Team (BOAT) is a program offered to students in grade 6-8 at Colquitz Middle School. Program leaders facilitate weekly outings for the group with a focus on outdoor education, environmental stewardship, and seeking adventure in a variety of nature based settings. Youth are able to strengthen their sense of place and connections to each other while participating in activities that build confidence and foster prosocial behavior. Some of the activities have included geocaching, fire building, outdoor skating, dragon boating, and more! The program accepts students year long and is free of charge.

If you have a child at Colquitz and would like to connect them to the BOAT program, please contact the school directly – Colquitz Middle School, 250-479-1678.