Tom & Marilyn Arkell Bursary – BGCA Currently Accepting Applications

The goal of the Tom & Marilyn Arkell Bursary program is to fund students with the highest financial need. Bursary funds are limited and are not intended to fund a student’s full deficit. Bursaries can be used to assist with tuition, books, fees, equipment and supplies.

To be considered for a bursary, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated financial need
  • A connection to the Burnside Gorge community (resided in, received services, etc)
  • Be enrolled in an eligible program (proof of registration is required)
  • Submit a completed application by the specified deadline
  • Agree to submit an update on how funds were used upon completion of your program

Deadline to apply: October 1st annually

Application form: Arkell Memorial Bursary – Application Form

Please submit completed application packages, including references and proof of registration, to



The Tom & Marilyn Arkell Bursary was created in 2015 thanks to the generosity of a community donor. Bursaries are awarded annually to assist with education costs for students who have demonstrated financial need and ties to the Burnside Gorge community.

Tom & Marilyn Arkell were both deeply committed community members who strove to support others whenever possible. Tom was a founding member of the Burnside Gorge Community Association (BGCA) and both he and Marilyn dedicated themselves to the betterment of both the neighbourhood and the families who live here. Education and lifelong learning for both children and adults were particular passions, in their own lives as well as in the lives of others, demonstrated through their commitment as active volunteers and donors. The staff and board of the BGCA are honoured to administer this legacy bursary program in memory of these much loved and dearly missed members of the Burnside Gorge community.

Community Mapping Event – Sept 24

Hi Neighbours,

You’re invited to the Burnside Gorge Community Mapping Event!

What is it like to live in the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood?

Through a facilitated mapping activity, we are asking neighbourhood residents and users to map your favourite places and help create a picture of what it’s really like to live in Burnside Gorge.

Each point identified on the map will be documented and linked to a story or explanation of its significance. The information collected from the community will be assembled to create a “Burnside Gorge Community Map” as told from the perspective of you – those who live, work and play in our neighbourhood.

Help identify the neighbourhood’s hot spots, hidden gems, and everything in between. Join your fellow community members to engage in conversation and story-telling to reveal what makes our Burnside Gorge neighbourhood special!


Join us at the Cecelia Ravine Park Plaza on Saturday September 24th, 12-4pm.

A free community lunch will be served from 12-2pm.

Honorariums will be available for attendees.


If you have any questions, please contact the On-site Event Coordinator: Molly Rose


Phone: 250-213-5570


Community Mapping Event – Sept 24


The Special Event permit for the use of Cecelia Ravine Park Plaza was granted by the City of Victoria. The City is looking to improve their event application and implementation processes and are inviting residents to comment on events they have attended, plan to attend, or are held near their home or business. Provide feedback to the City of Victoria Events, Arts and Culture at Your submissions will be considered and used by City staff in the planning process of future events.

Tree Removals & Replacements

The City has posted a Notice of Tree Removals for the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood.  The removal work will occur sometime between August 15th and October 15th and will be performed by City arborists or a contractor authorized by the City of Victoria.  Please see the full list here > Notice of Tree Removals – 2022

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Parks office at 250.361.0600 or

Burnside Gorge Graffiti Fighters – OWN YOUR BLOCK!

The Burnside Gorge Graffiti Fighters are a small team of neighbours working to make Burnside Gorge a better place by removing graffiti from our neighbourhood. We’re looking for new recruits! We believe if each person or couple of people adopt a street or block we could maintain the neighbourhood free of graffiti.

Graffiti isn’t just ugly: left unaddressed it invites more graffiti till eventually the neighbourhood looks uncared for.  People who live in the area feel less happy, comfortable and secure on their streets. The change from simply defaced to dangerous happens as people stop walking and moving in an area and abandon the streets to those who feel they can be destructive with impunity.  The solution is for each of us to reclaim our streets.

You may have seen graffiti on the power poles and utility boxes in Burnside Gorge.  Rather than looking away, some volunteers have picked up kits from the Burnside Gorge Community Centre to clean up and paint over the unsightly marks in our public areas.  There has been a remarkable change on the streets in just a few weeks.  One of the positives is that the people doing the graffiti removal are having fun while making the streets look better!

If you would like to become a part of the solution, contact our group at and we’ll provide you with the kit, a partner to show you what to do and the information to get your block graffiti free.  Join our group of enthusiastic neighbours and feel better and better about your neighbourhood in Burnside Gorge.