VTAG (Victoria Together Against Graffiti) Returns

The City of Victoria is pleased to announce that this volunteer coordinated effort to remove unsightly graffiti tags on BC Hydro equipment in your neighbourhood has resumed operation. The City and BC Hydro have recently signed off on an annual agreement to allow volunteers to “Own the Block” and remove tags on both power poles and utility boxes owned by BC Hydro. The agreement means that citizens can once again use a graffiti removal carrying kit, replete with two colour matched paint cans for pressure treated and non-pressure treated poles, a brush, opener, stir stick and set of gloves to remediate tags in their neighbourhood.

The City is currently looking for volunteer coordinators in every neighbourhood to help conquer the massive accumulation of graffiti in the past year and a half. If you are interested in giving back to your community, getting some exercise and meeting your neighbours, the VTAG Coordinator duties include:

  • Coordinating other volunteers to “own the block” and paint out tags on BC Hydro poles and/or utility boxes
  • Liaising with City Neighbourhood Advisor regarding supply needs
  • Possible distribution of materials and supplies for graffiti removal
  • Promoting volunteer recruitment for the program via email and social media
  • Connecting volunteers with Community Centre for paint kit pick up

For more info on this position or how to get connected with VTAG and access your kit, contact