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Essentrics: Mobility, Strength, Flexibility, Range of Motion – NEW PROGRAM!

Essentrics is a full body workout that unlocks and decompresses joints by stretching and strengthening all 650 muscles without impact to the body.

The workout incorporates flowing movements designed to increase circulation with the benefits of elongating and lubricating connective tissues around muscles and joints. This unique, re-aligning, and rebalancing approach to body maintenance encompasses trademark sequences that lead to improved wellness, increased energy, and pain reduction.

Every time you come to an Essentrics class, you will enjoy fresh music playlists and new exercise sequences. There’s no equipment needed for Essentrics, all that is required is a mat.

Instructor: Junko Hammond

Tuesdays & Fridays September 1-29 9:00-10:00 a.m. Drop in - $8 per class

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