Have Your Say: Neighbourhood Boundaries

Victoria City Council is seeking resident feedback on proposed changes to boundaries in the following neighbourhoods: Fernwood, Oaklands, Jubilee, North Park, Fairfield, Downtown, Harris Green and Burnside Gorge.

Residents are also asked to provide feedback on other proposed changes such as neighbourhood land use review committee structures for Rockland, Fairfield and Gonzales, neighbourhood merging for Downtown and Harris Green, and merging the north and south Jubilee neighbourhood associations.

The City would like to hear from all residents regarding these proposed adjustments. Engagement is open from May 10 to June 7.

Results pertaining to specific neighbourhooods will be provided to the neighbourhood associations to inform their submission to the City on boundary changes. Full survey results will be included in the staff report to Council in September 2021 and will be made available to the public at that time.

If approved, the changes would be formally adopted and the Official Community Plan and Local Area and Neighbourhood Plans would be amended in 2022.

To see maps of the proposed boundary adjustments, and to have your say, visit: https://engage.victoria.ca/neighbourhood-boundaries