BGCA has a long history of engaging in community projects, from public art to environmental restoration to community history. Here are some of the highlights of our work over the years:

Utility Box Wraps

Visitors to the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood will see utility boxes wrapped with historic scenes. The wraps were created as part of the Community History Project in 2006/2007 to educate the public and promote a sense of pride in the vibrant history of the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood. Wraps can be found at the intersections of Gorge/Jutland, Bay/Government, Burnside/Douglas and Hillside/Douglas/Gorge.

Murals & Public Art

Bridging – Spanning the underside of the Gorge Road Bridge, Frank Lewis completed the Bridging mural in 1997. Frank used a grid system which allowed community members to participate in a paint-by-numbers style.

Through the Past – This mural is on the Burnside Road overpass and was completed by Frank in 2006. Again, using a grid system

Cycling Cephalopod – This mural was designed by Lori Garcia-Meredith and completed in 2017, revisioned in 2022.

Legion Mural – This mural was designed and installed by Kelly Everill in 2022.

Heritage Houses

In 2012, BGCA undertook a mapping project of heritage homes in the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood. With the help of Victoria 150 funding we worked with the Hallmark Heritage Society and the Victoria Heritage Foundation to create an inventory of homes in the neighbourhood that were built in 1912 or earlier. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of local historian and project lead, Patrick Dunae, the property list has been maintained. Please see the Burnside Gorge Heritage Project for a list of properties, with photos and histories.

We also have brochures for self guided walking tours available at the Community Centre.

Photo Gallery

These are a few photos of projects, past & present.  Do you have a favourite placemaking project in the neighbourhood or an idea for a new one?  Reach out. We’d love to hear about it!

photo shows a mural of a sunset behind halket island, with poppies growing in the foreground, a piper playing to the sunset, and an indigenous moon spirit