Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood Gems Map is a project of the BGCA’s Community Engagement Committee. The map is accessible online on the Open Green Map. You can use the web version or download the app on your smartphone or tablet. The online map allows you to browse around the map and make an advanced search for different categories. This map was initially built by crowd-sourcing through the engagement sessions of the committee.

Community members are invited to continue building this map by identifying neighbourhood assets, looking at opportunities, and helping to create a picture of what it is like to live in the neighbourhood. Consider significant people, places, programs and experiences in the Burnside Gorge neighbourhood (and the surrounding area) and mark them on the map. Help identify the neighbourhood’s hot spots, hidden gems, and everything in between! Please include a photo with your entry, if possible.

For the online map please click on the link below:


The printed maps are created by Masami Teramachi. Maps are available at the Community Centre. If you want to download the map in the picture please click on the link below.

Burnside Gorge Neighbourhood Gems Map