Burnside Gorge Graffiti Fighters – OWN YOUR BLOCK!

The Burnside Gorge Graffiti Fighters are a small team of neighbours working to make Burnside Gorge a better place by removing graffiti from our neighbourhood. We’re looking for new recruits! We believe if each person or couple of people adopt a street or block we could maintain the neighbourhood free of graffiti.

Graffiti isn’t just ugly: left unaddressed it invites more graffiti till eventually the neighbourhood looks uncared for.  People who live in the area feel less happy, comfortable and secure on their streets. The change from simply defaced to dangerous happens as people stop walking and moving in an area and abandon the streets to those who feel they can be destructive with impunity.  The solution is for each of us to reclaim our streets.

You may have seen graffiti on the power poles and utility boxes in Burnside Gorge.  Rather than looking away, some volunteers have picked up kits from the Burnside Gorge Community Centre to clean up and paint over the unsightly marks in our public areas.  There has been a remarkable change on the streets in just a few weeks.  One of the positives is that the people doing the graffiti removal are having fun while making the streets look better!

If you would like to become a part of the solution, contact our group at graffitifighters@burnsidegorge.ca and we’ll provide you with the kit, a partner to show you what to do and the information to get your block graffiti free.  Join our group of enthusiastic neighbours and feel better and better about your neighbourhood in Burnside Gorge.