The purpose of the Burnside Gorge Community Association is to lead, promote and support initiatives which encourage healthy, inclusive, and socially just living. This is accomplished through:

  • Engaging with our communities concerning issues and developments important to community members and businesses
  • Providing a continuum of high quality programs and supports that strengthen the lives of children, youth and families in Greater Victoria
  • Establishing, promoting and operating facilities that provide public amenities to benefit the community
  • Cultivating community connections and a sense of pride through neighbourhood celebrations and initiatives
  • Advocating in the best interest of community members and businesses
  • Fostering work place practices that support employees and strengthen our efforts to be a model employer
  • Supporting the provision of housing for low and moderate income households



To be a recognized leader in bringing innovation and sustainability to our diverse communities through responsive and unique programs and services.



The Board, Management and Staff of the Burnside Gorge Community Association are committed to the following values in order to enhance and build community capacity:

Trust – uphold the public’s trust through responsible management of resources
Inclusiveness– welcome, recognize, respect, collaborate with and respond to the diversity of those we serve and employ
Courage – stand up for what we believe in the face of adversity and recognize our capacity to overcome challenges
Respect – interact with and support all people in a fair and honest manner that accepts diverse contexts and abilities
Quality – strive for excellence in all of the programs and services we offer
Adaptability – be flexible and responsive to challenges and opportunities and continually evolve as an organization